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A Blog About Culture

Recognition, Situation, Identity, Reality

I’m Lena, a graduate of Goucher College’s M.A. Cultural Sustainability program. I currently reside in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. My undergraduate degree was from the College of William and Mary, with a major in Literary and Cultural Studies and minor in Classical Civ. A few nerdy things I love are mystery novels, hot beverages, and cats. Preferably all together. This blog began a class assignment and has become a collection of those little points in life in which we recognize culture calling out to us. Maybe just me. It’s not meant to contain professional essays or splendidly written articles of debate, but instead to collect those moments, just for thought.

Instead of rambling about cultural theory to strangers on the Metro (okay, I don’t do that), I figured I’d write down my thoughts somewhere. Here. They won’t be regular. They might not be coherent. They’ll probably be quite stupid, and if they are – you’re welcome to say so, but I’ll probably log off of my computer in a huff and tell all my friends you don’t know anything.

To me, in some respects,”culture” is what we make of it. When I say “culture,” I mean the shared values of a group, along with the expressive performances of those expectations. But I also reserve the right to change my mind, refer to the word vaguely, and/or refer to it in completely other meanings.


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