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Recognition, Situation, Identity, Reality

I recently wrote somewhere (I don’t even remember where, now) some kind of comment in a mixed metaphor, which made me think of the following:

I was watching In Plain Sight, a tv show about a jaded federal marshal, one who constantly speaks in sarcasm and critiques everyone around her. A character misspoke (if speaking correctly means “following the conventions of literary and/or societal value”), and Mary exclaimed, “Where are we going? The Mixed Metaphor Store?” and I imagined the patiently pained expressions of her colleagues and family. I pitied her character. Like a bully or a Grammar Nazi, she gained some kind of self worth by criticizing the words, actions, and lifestyles of other characters.

  • What does that say about the field of cultural criticism? Literary theory? Any kind of theory?
  • What do we as critics (or commentators)  gain from the field?
  • What does the field gain from us, besides existence and perpetuation?
  • Does acceptance = drinking the Kool Aid, if they came out with a Blissful Ignorance flavor?

I guess this is a long way of asking, What’s the point? It’s the real world and we’re living in it.


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