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I’d hate to be completely Marxist, and I don’t think I am at all there, but sometimes I recognize patterns in my thinking that are unabashedly so. I’m not sure if maybe I just paid more attention to those readings in my intro classes, or if I am actually caught within a theoretical viewpoint centered upon capitalism or at least production or other economic ends. Occasionally I hear a whispered mantra of Work and Labor and Producers and Consumers and I think it may be impossible to escape a culture that strengthens itself on such propaganda.

In my culture, life revolves around work/money. Even our ideas of leisure are created in opposition to work.

Sam said, “I really like being busy so weekends feel like a treat.”

I immediately thought the opposite. In my life, I’d want to be relaxed all the time. I want to have the ability to do what I want and when I want it.  I’m willing to work for the things that I want, but I think I have a much simpler idea of labor and rewards – like a child doing chores around the house in order to earn money to buy candy or whatever he wants. I’d work for an end or to survive, not to affect how I feel later .

Many people are concerned with the consumerist nature of our culture. We consume not only to survive but also to relax. “Fun” is now almost synonymous with consumption in my life. I buy clothes and dinner and drinks. Et c.

I’ve gotten to the point that even immaterial/intangible consumption bothers me. Reading or viewing other people’s words or ideas is now simply receptive consumption of production, and I have some kind of irrational aversion to that kind of activity. I know, I know. It’s dumb. I’ll probably write about it at some point but actually probably won’t because  I’ll lose any kind of credibility of sanity I currently have.

  • What other kinds of worlds are there?
  • How can we make them? (Should we?)

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